Ready-to-Use Coatings

Cozeen™ 303 N/303NA

A proprietary FloZein™ and palm oil combination coating, Cozeen™ forms an elastic film around food particles, extending shelf-life and providing a nutritive, attractive coating.

Cozeen™ exhibits excellent moisture barrier properties. It is somewhat more hydrophobic than a simple FloZein™ film. It will fill any possible micropores that can occur in an ultra-thin film, providing an almost impervious coating to air and moisture for porous products.


Cozeen™  meets the Department of Defense’s specification for nut coating which requires a shelf-life of three years stored at 80℉.


Cozeen™ 303N is a ready-to-use liquid. Cozeen™ 303NA comes as a paste which must be solubilized in an ethanol/water solution.

Typical Applications

  • Coating porous foods like dried fruits, nuts, and nutritional bars.

  • Coating sticky products (like gummies) to facilitate packaging and reduce clumping.

MasterCoat Glaze and Polish

FloZein Products offers ready-to-use MasterCoat® glazes and polishes, which reduce materials requirements and production time across a host of current product lines.  The MasterCoat® product line provides a clean label, plant plant-based alternative to shellac and hydrocarbon-based synthetic coatings for use in food and confectionery products. All MasterCoat® products are:
    • Vegan
    • GMO-free
    • Ⓤ Kosher and Halal-compliant
    • Gluten, lactose, and sugar free
    • Clean label and biodegradable


MasterCoat ZZ-F 150 Glaze

MasterCoat® Glaze is a ready-to-use vegan confectioners glaze.  It is made with vegan FloZein and is an excellent, cost-effective alternative to food shellac.  MasterCoat Glaze forms a thin, edible film on food, pharma and nutraceutical products, extending the shelf-life by creating an oxygen, moisture, and microbial barrier.

The product is quick drying and can be used alone or in conjunction with MasterCoat® polishing agents.

MasterCoat Polishing Agents

MasterCoat® Polishes are water soluble and form a high gloss on chocolates and confectioneries.  Polishes are quick drying and can be used with MasterCoat® ZZ-F 150 Glaze or any Zein-based confectioners glaze.

MasterCoat® PO-CMG102: A polishing agent that will achieve a very high gloss on milk and dark chocolate panned items. 


Aqua Zein has the same coating properties as FloZein™. It is a proprietary formulation of a water-suspendable FloZein™ and propylene glycol solution.
Aqua Zein 14% contains ammonia. Aqua Zein 10% is formulated for the user who must restrict organic solvent vapor emissions.

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