We're Certainly In Zein! Are you?

This is Dan Rosen, Vice President of Product Management for FloZein Products. Since I joined the firm nineteen months ago, I have been trying (somewhat successfully) to get the word out about Zein, a product that has a very long history and an incredibly promising future.

Our core markets have always been food, confectionery, and nutra/pharmaceutical where Zein performs as a highly effective and flexible coating and encapsulator. These sectors continue to grow as manufacturers and consumers are seeking an effective alternative to shellac, waxes, synthetics, and other materials. Zein coatings are effective moisture and microbial barriers and are digestible, vegan, Kosher, and biodegradable. The figure below provides just a partial list of the current applications of Zein.

What's incredibly exciting is the vast number of applications being developed with Zein as a key ingredient. New uses for Zein are being developed in baking (as a gluten-replacement,) biomaterials (edible/biodegradable food wrap,) medicine (controlled release of cancer medications; scaffolding for human tissue generation,) and agriculture (extending the shelf life of fresh produce and raw protein.)

My hope in creating this Blog is to update my readers regarding the new products and applications which are being developed with Zein. It's not just a coating anymore!

If you are developing an application with Zein and would like to either share information or receive support from our community, please feel free to contact me at

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