PureFlo™ Hand Sanitizer &Surface Disinfectent

Not all sanitizers are created equal!

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Our advantage is crystal clear

  • No foaming agents, gels, or fragrances which may dilute potency*

  • Manufactured in an FDA-registered, Massachusetts-based facility

  • Formulated in accordance with FDA/WHO  recommendations

  • Contains medical grade ethanol

  • Hand sanitizer contains emollient to prevent excessive skin drying

  • Surface disinfectant dries quickly; spray and forget

  • Available for immediate shipment or pick-up at our Ashburnham, MA facility

Our hand sanitizer is a clear liquid.  The addition of gelling agents are prohibited by the FDA during the COVID-19 emergency.  Online resources are available which instruct how you can add ingredients such as aloe, essential oils etc.

Directions & Warnings
Hand Sanitizer                                                                  Surface Disinfectant

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