The highest quality Zein that is available.  Produced using the proprietary Freeman process.

Available in both food grade and pharmaceutical grade (meets USP/NS monographs.) 


A complete range of products for fresh produce during post-harvest processing and storage which:

  • increase shelf life

  • protect from microbial and fungal growth

  • maintain internal moisture

  • reduce waste 

Ready-to-Use Coatings

For those who do not want to mix Zein into solvents, we provide a wide range of ready-to-use products. 


Formulated to extend the shelf life of fresh poultry, meat, & seafood.  Provides a long-lasting moisture & microbial barrier without affecting texture, taste and appearance.

ProteinCoat may also be used with both raw and hatchery eggs to increase shell strength and prevent loss through the porous shell.

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